We advise lenders on repayment and asset protection strategies when their borrowers are suffering financial or operational distress. We combine our industry expertise with the requisite workout experience to deliver business insights and help guide the lender’s decision-making process. We provide a full range of diagnostic, valuation, responsible-party, and wind-down services to maximize the lender’s recovery.

Secured Lender Advisor

Our professionals work directly for both borrowers and lenders. Our work on both sides of the lending relationship enhances our decision-making ability regarding a troubled credit. We can evaluate the borrower's business model and collateral position to develop options for exiting the relationship. Our expertise with borrowers and lenders often allows us to gain the cooperation of the borrower, thereby sparing the lender the trouble and expense of legal action.

Business Model Diagnostic

Our advice to lenders begins with an in-depth analysis of the borrower’s business model and liquidity position. Our senior professionals quickly evaluate the viability of the borrower’s operations and cash flow forecasts to provide the lender with the best information possible to manage the credit.

Enterprise Valuation

Lenders from a range of industries routinely engage us to issue an enterprise valuation report on a borrower. Our investment banking and financial advisory experience with financially distressed borrowers enables us to incorporate wind-down and liquidation experiences into the enterprise valuation.

Wind-Down and Liquidation

Sometimes liquidation offers the best chance for recovery, or it is the only remaining option. In these difficult cases, you need professionals who make the right decision and act fast. We bring a comprehensive approach to the liquidation process through our turnaround management and investment banking experience. Our approach includes gaining immediate control over the operations while assessing the alternatives and monetizing assets.