Chapter 11 Advisory Services

Experienced financial advisors are a key element to successfully reorganizing a company. Gulf Atlantic Capital professionals are experienced, having negotiated and restructured more than $2 billion in secured debt inside of and outside of bankruptcy over the past ten years. This experience enables our firm to develop creative solutions that maximize the company's ability to reorganize in Chapter 11 and preserve shareholder value.

Reorganization Plan Formation

Generally the company's creditors must vote to approve a plan of reorganization before the court will confirm it. Before presenting a plan of reorganization to the creditors, the company must first meet certain criteria, including operating and financial viability, and an acceptable recovery to the creditors. Gulf Atlantic Capital has a unique combination of investment banking, financial and operational restructuring, and bankruptcy expertise to increase the probability of a successful reorganization.

Financial Management Support

Chapter 11 creates an additional administrative burden on the management of the company at a time when the demands of restructuring and operating the company are at their highest. Gulf Atlantic Capital is sensitive to this dynamic and provides assistance to ensure timely compliance with the Chapter 11 requirements while minimizing management's administrative burden.

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