Gulf Atlantic Capital Provides Restructuring
Services to Private REIT

    Chicago, Illinois $1,800,000,000

    Gulf Atlantic Capital acted as Financial Advisor to a Private REIT in an out-of-court debt restructuring.

    GulfAtlanticCapital PRIVATE INVESTMENT BANKERS corporation
  • Gulf Atlantic Capital was retained by a Private REIT to evaluate Management's debt restructuring strategy and provide recommendations regarding reorganization strategies.
  • Developed detailed property level analysis of cash flows and capital requirements to refine the REIT's restructuring plan and provide a basis for negotiations with the Company's lenders and investors.
  • Assisted with lender negotiations and presentations related to the restructuring plan, including preparing detailed analysis regarding the recovery to the various lenders under the Company's proposed global restructuring plan as compared to a Chapter 11 filing.
  • Assisted Management with presenting the business case to its limited partners to gain support for a capital call to fund the global restructuring plan.