Gulf Atlantic Capital Advises Senior Lender for
Market Leading Boat Manufacturer

    Florida $14,000,000

    Gulf Atlantic Capital served as the Financial Advisor to the senior lender in negotiating a comprehensive debt restructuring.

    GulfAtlanticCapital PRIVATE INVESTMENT BANKERS corporation
  • Gulf Atlantic Capital was retained by the senior lender for a market leading boat manufacturer when the economic downturn resulted in a 75% decline in revenues.
  • Evaluated the Company's business models for the five boat brands to determine near term funding requirements and the Company's ability to meet its operating requirements.
  • Evaluated the Company's exposure under floor plan buy-back obligations and analyzed its impact on the Company's business model and the lender's position.
  • Based on Gulf Atlantic Capital's evaluation, the lender was able to obtain significant consideration for a loan extension, including new investments from the equity holders and additional collateral in the form of a 1st mortgage on previously encumbered manufacturing facilities.