Merger and Acquisition

Gulf Atlantic Capital assists clients with merger and acquisition transactions and company valuations. We have a reputation for maximizing the value of a business combination by developing creative structures, providing financing and conducting searches for appropriate merger, acquisition or sale candidates. See Experiences for selected Merger and Acquisition engagements.  


  • Buy-Side Services: For companies seeking a strategic acquisition, management buyout, or for investors seeking an opportunity, Gulf Atlantic Capital uses its network of industry sources to identify target companies. Once a target has been identified, Gulf Atlantic Capital has the resources to structure, negotiate, fund and close the transaction.
  • Sell-Side Services: Companies and ownership may seek to sell all or part of a company for a variety of reasons (ownership exit strategies, lender exit strategy, response to competitive pressure, and corporate restructuring). Gulf Atlantic Capital leverages its industry and investor relationships to generate a competitive bidding environment, maximizing transaction value.
  • Section 363 Sales: In certain situations, a sale of a company is best completed under the direction of the Bankruptcy Court (Section 363 sale). Gulf Atlantic Capital’s experience in working with troubled companies gives it the experience necessary to guide a company (or its lender/investor) through the complexities of a Section 363 sale to achieve a competitive bidding process and maximize the transaction value.


Corporate Valuation

Gulf Atlantic Capital is experienced in business valuations in a variety of industries. Gulf Atlantic Capital provides clients with a range of valuation services, including stand-alone going concern determination, pro forma “As Combined” entity value and liquidation value.

Board of Director Advisory Services

Boards of Directors and senior management can access the experience and knowledge of Gulf Atlantic Capital’s professionals through our advisory services.  Whether it is addressing a specific issue related to financial structure or a strategic sounding board, Gulf Atlantic Capital is experienced in researching the issues and communicating its findings to the Board of Directors and senior management.

See Experiences for selected Merger and Acquisition engagements